Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice Governor and Propaganda Minister Ge Huijun and his party visited Hongxing Stationery


In July 2016, Zhejiang Hongxing Stationery Co., Ltd. was established 16 years ago. As the leading company in the Chinese pencil industry, under the leadership of Chairman Ye Zong, Hongxing Stationery has realized the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the company since the new goal of “Secondary Entrepreneurship Achieving Leap-forward Development”. Hongxing has achieved first-class product quality by accurately controlling the quality of raw materials to each process, and the products produced are deeply loved by consumers. In 2015, the company's output value was 205 million yuan, with a growth rate of 55%. In May this year, 70 acres of land was newly acquired in the Wa Yaoshan Industrial Park, and the project to build an annual output of 1 billion high-end colored pencils will be further expanded.

     On the afternoon of July 6, Ge Huijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, deputy governor and propaganda minister, accompanied by Shi Jinxi, secretary of the municipal party committee, and Du Guangyu, secretary of the county party committee, visited Hongxing Company for investigation and investigation. Chairman of the company, Ye Mingshang, warmly welcomed the leaders and led the company's exhibition hall and production site workshop. The birth of a pencil requires about 30 processes. Only by ensuring the quality of each process is precisely controlled, can we truly create a high-quality product. The high quality of Hongxing brand is derived from the strict control of basic raw materials. It also introduces advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and strictly controls the processing flow to ensure that the various indicators of the products meet the needs of the market.

      Vice Governor Ge Huijun and other leaders visited the production process and process of pencils on the shop floor, and gave great affirmation to the quality and processing methods of Hongxing pencil manufacturing. Vice Governor Ge Huijun said that Hongxing’s products are doing well. It is worth promoting and said that more attention should be given in the future. After the visit, the leaders of various levels of government made suggestions on the development of Hongxing Company and the weak industry propaganda work of the current Qingyuan pencil industry: “Hongxing Stationery is the leading enterprise in the pencil industry. After the visit, let us feel the Hongxing "Standard internal management and excellent corporate culture"; "Small pencil is an indispensable culture for the development of human civilization. I hope that Hongxing can strengthen brand propaganda, and through the deep exploration of pencil culture, help enterprises become bigger and stronger, let China and the world understand Hongxing and understand Qingyuan."

Chairman of the company, Mr. Ye, led the team to walk the corporate culture corridor

 Visit the company's product showroom

Visit the company's pencil production process and process

The visit to Qingyuan, the first stop in Hongxing, and lasted for an hour, highlighting the important position of Hongxing in the industry. Vice Governor Ge Huijun and other leaders have a deeper understanding of Qingyuan's local industrial development, which is also very beneficial to the publicity and future development planning of Qingyuan pencil industry. At the same time, the attention and ardent expectations of the leaders of all levels of government to Hongxing have given us greater encouragement to Hongxing people. We will be brave in innovation and continuous breakthrough, and continue to lead the development of Qingyuan pencil industry!


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