Focus on the pencil, Hongxing people want to build a pencil kingdom and write a dream with a pencil.

Focusing on quality, the high quality of Hongxing Stationery comes from the careful selection and strict control of raw materials. The products produced by the company are qualified by the authoritative organization for the content of various elements in the refill, wood and paint. Cutting, not easy to deform, not easy to break core, lead-free poison, soft touch, smooth writing and other characteristics, has become a quality pencil brand recognized by consumers! The selection of high-quality wood must be processed by advanced softening process, and the coiling is smoother. The company continues to carry out technical research and now has the most advanced pencil board softening technology in the country; safety and high-quality lead core, to ensure its safety, and in the It is not easy to break the core during use and coiling. It adopts the international advanced SUV core technology, and the lead core purchased in each batch has passed the test of the national authoritative testing organization and passed the independent experiment before it can be put into use. The environmentally friendly paint is produced by the fixed-point factory, and all the indicators are passed. International testing standards such as EN71-1, 2, 3 and heavy metal testing; in addition, in order to ensure the continuous quality and stability of pencil eraser, paper packaging and plastic products, the company has also established its own rubber head factory, paper products factory And plastic products factory.


The company has established an advanced laboratory and a rigorous and comprehensive quality control process. Each pencil has passed more than 30 procedures, and all of them use "high quality, high safety" as the testing standard. In every step of production, strict inspection of process inspection, key control point sampling, finished product inspection, factory inspection, etc. Quality testing standards and a complete quality control system enable high quality products.

As a science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Hongxing Stationery has been actively introducing and strictly implementing the ISO9001 quality management system since its establishment, investing 30% of its annual profit in technological innovation, and even acquiring more than 30 national patents in small pencil innovation. "Focus on quality, writing dreams", Hongxing people are always committed to providing consumers with a safe and high quality products.


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