Foreign trade clerk


【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for potential customer development and customer pre-service, collection and collation of foreign trade market and export product information

2. Responsible for customer contact, business negotiation and contract signing, and maintain contact with customers and provide services for a long time.

3. Manage all international network platforms, process daily enquiry emails, reply to business correspondence quotes, follow orders and reach orders

4. Develop and promote new products to promote sales, carry out out-of-town exhibitions and exhibitions

5. Responsible for coordinating production transfer, quality supervision and cargo transportation

6, timely solve customer problems, complaints and other issues, regular customer service and relationship maintenance in the form of mail, telephone, etc., and maintain long-term cooperative relationship

7. Complete other tasks explained by the superior




1. Female, foreign language, foreign trade related majors, English level 4 or above, good oral and writing skills, smooth English business correspondence

2, proficient in network, e-commerce and other channel knowledge

3, with good business ethics, can keep the company's trade secrets

4, able to work hard, can withstand large work pressure, have strong intentions, strong teamwork and communication skills


[salary treatment] 3,000 yuan / month or more is not capped


Design and product


【Job Responsibilities】

1. Using auxiliary drawing software to plan and creative, make pictures and graphic materials, and complete the product packaging design and development work of the company.

2. Participate in the research of product positioning, orientation and style, organize research, design, development of new products and update

3. Design work of relevant graphic advertisements, online advertisements and other exhibits of the company

4. Coordinate the relationship with external advertising agencies and supervise the completion of outsourcing advertising business

5. Complete other design and product research and development work assigned by the company



1. College degree or above, graphic advertising design, arts and crafts, art and other related majors, with more than 2 years of work experience.

2, skilled use of Photoshop, Coredraw, PRO / E and other design graphics software

3, with knowledge of graphic design, consumer psychology, advertising and decoration

3. Have an accurate understanding of design creation and rich creative ability

4, careful work, strong teamwork ability, good understanding, communication skills, able to independently complete the work within the scope of responsibility


[salary treatment] 5,000 yuan / month - 12,000 yuan / month




【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for information collection, planning, editing, review and release of company WeChat, news, website and other copywriting

2. Responsible for other companies to promote the writing and publishing of relevant copy content

3. Assist in administrative management and other related work



1. College degree or above, major in secretarial, Chinese, journalism, etc.

2, skilled writing skills, can write excellent copywriting works for different network forms

3, clear thinking, active thinking, creative, able to independently complete the work within the scope of responsibility

4. Careful work, strong teamwork ability, and certain organizational and coordination skills


[salary treatment] 3000 yuan / month - 6000 yuan / month

Electromechanical a


【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for routine maintenance and troubleshooting of the company's workshop equipment

2. Responsible for equipment commissioning and equipment management of large faults to ensure the normal operation and safety of the company's equipment (facilities)

3. Accept and debug new equipment, and explain the mechanical principle and repair essentials to employees to solve problems in the process of installation and use.

4. On-site production planning completion, staff and quality management

5. Assist the workshop director to complete the temporary arrangement



1. Mechanical, electromechanical, automation, engineering or related majors

2. Familiar with the design, mechanical principle and structure of mechanical parts, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance

3. Familiar with the manufacturing process and processing technology of the product, and master the on-site operation mechanism

4, work carefully, hard work, good communication, organization and teamwork ability, able to independently complete the work within the scope of responsibility

[salary treatment] 3500 yuan / month - 8000 yuan / month




【job requirements】

1. Mechanical or management related majors, have the ambition to engage in production site management, and are willing to start from the grassroots level.

2. After the production reserve cadre is upgraded through trial use, it will be directly arranged to the production department such as process supervisor, statistician, quality inspector, warehouse management and other positions for internship or direct employment.

3. Knowledge and skills in production management, quality management, warehouse management, product knowledge, etc. are preferred

4, able to work hard, work positive, practical, according to the requirements of the higher level to complete the task of the day

5, with good communication, organization and coordination, strong adaptability, strong execution

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