Secretary of the County Party Committee Du Guangxuan came to our company to investigate the documentary of Qingyuan pencil industry



     July 1st is the founding day of the Communist Party of China, and the first day of the second half of 2016. It is green and bright in the land of Qingyuan County, the first ecological county in China, the “Chinese pencil production base”. Vibrant.
     With deep concern about the development of the pencil industry in Qingyuan County, Du Guangyu, secretary of the county party committee, led the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the county to deepen the key enterprises of the pencil industry group headed by Hongxing Stationery, and conducted research through field inspection, listening to reports and cordial discussions. Understand the production and operation status of enterprises and existing problems and difficulties, help enterprises to seek countermeasures, strive to solve development problems, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. Ye Mingshang, Chairman of Hongxing Stationery, member of the Pencil Association and key enterprises of pencils warmly received the leadership. 
     The pencil industry is one of the pillar industries in Qingyuan County. The industry started in the 1980s, when there was only one state-owned pencil manufacturer in the county. In the following 20 years, Qingyuan has successively issued a series of policies and measures to promote the development of pencil enterprises, and led by some outstanding star enterprises such as Hongxing, making the Qingyuan pencil industry enter the fast lane of development. At present, there are 23 pencil manufacturers in Qingyuan, including 15 enterprises above designated size, with an annual output of 3.5 billion, accounting for 1/4 of the total pencil production in the country. Its development scale, industrial clusters, and national influence are all large, and its development momentum is full.
      In the past few years, China's environment has not been optimistic. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have stepped into defensive, regressive or even closed down. As a leader in the Qingyuan pencil industry, Hongxing has developed new products and research and development in the face of downward pressure on the global economy. New technologies, new brands and other measures continue to maintain a good momentum of development. Among them, in 2015, the annual sales revenue of the company exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, and the paid-in tax was over 3 million yuan. It continued to rank among the top 10 industrial enterprises in the manufacturing industry in the list; in order to comply with the good development momentum of the enterprise, this year's new sign in the Wanyaoshan Industrial Park With 70 mu of land and an annual output of 1 billion high-end colored pencil projects, Hongxing Stationery has achieved healthy and rapid development.
      How to continue the downturn and the fierce competition in the big environment against the trend, continue to achieve breakthroughs, continue to write brilliant? In the afternoon, at the symposium held in the conference room on the third floor of Hongxing Company, Ye Ming, the chairman of Hongxing Company, reported to Du Shuji and his party on the status quo of the industry and enterprise development, and jointly proposed the existing existence with the key units of the association and related business people. Highlight the problems and suggestions, and hope that the government will help coordinate and solve the problem and further promote the pencil industry to become bigger and stronger. "The current economic development will show an L-shaped development trend. The previous economy is gone forever. It can be said that the current environment is full of major challenges and opportunities are also bred." Mr. Ye said, "Qingyuan pencil industry has gone the most. During the difficult period, we have ushered in the best opportunity for development. Together with the spirit of 'positive, practical, innovative and united and collaborative' that is not lacking in the blood of the pencil industry entrepreneurs, we will be able to adapt to the development needs of the times and adjust our strategies in a timely manner to demonstrate our strength. With the innovation and reform witnessed the development, the future Qingyuan pencil industry will become the first bright spot of all pillar industries!". 
  Du Shuji listened carefully to the report and made detailed records, affirming the achievements of Hongxing Company. At the same time, it is pointed out that the overall development trend of the pencil industry is very good, and the contribution to the overall economic development of Qingyuan is undeniable. Du Shuji said that as the government is thinking: What kind of policies should be used to more accurately and specifically support enterprises to develop more rapidly? Three guiding opinions are proposed on
    First, the current macroeconomic situation is complex and changeable. The development of enterprises is in a bottleneck period. Enterprises must establish confidence and combine domestic and international markets to make an estimate of the current and future trends of the pencil industry and position themselves. International associations are docked.
    Second, Qingyuan pencil has been recognized by the world, which undoubtedly shows that its quality and crafts have reached the advanced level of domestic and foreign manufacturing, and such a high-quality pencil manufacturing base has not reached the world-class level of popularity, and can not achieve "going out", how to development of? Therefore, there is a long way to go to raise the popularity of Qingyuan pencils. Specific suggestions include: government promotion, public goods; leveraging the strength of the state, and even world-class forums or associations to create the influence of the Qingyuan pencil brand; establishing and expanding the brand influence of the pencil association; The overall image of the pencil; with the cooperation of the association, the government and the enterprise, the functions of the trade fair will be maximized; the enterprise will intensify its efforts in process innovation, talent training, perfect management system, and strengthen exchanges; establish a corporate image
    Third, the government will make a distinction between enterprises, leading leading enterprises, medium-upward development enterprises, and millions of small enterprises, and adopting supportive policies in a targeted manner.
    Du Shuji said that it will further clarify the time limit, implement responsibility, help enterprises solve development problems as soon as possible, and promote the steady and rapid development of the pencil industry, and realize the grand goal of “World Pencil Made in China, Chinese Pencils Recognize Qingyuan”.
      As a leading company in the pencil industry, Hongxing's business philosophy is: to do products with heart, and constantly pursue the quality of perfection; treat each other with sincerity, keep the promise, and say good things! We firmly believe in development, seize the current development opportunities, continue to build positive participants and pioneers in our hometown, love Qingyuan, invest in Qingyuan, and contribute to Qingyuan. I believe that the spring of our county pencil company will come soon!

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