The first exhibition of Chinese stationery, Hongxing shocked debut!




      As a well-known brand enterprise in the field of pencil manufacturing, Hongxing Stationery has always adhered to the business philosophy of “focus on quality, sincere and trustworthy”, constantly carry out technological innovation, and win the market with excellent management and quality. The self-owned “Hongxing” brand pencils were awarded “China Pen Famous Brand Products” by the China Pen Association; the “Special 2B Pencils for Examinations” produced by the company was awarded “Special Designated Products by the China Pen Association”.

      At this Shanghai exhibition, Hongxing attracted a large number of buyers and professional audiences because of its excellent product quality, coupled with simple, elegant and rich booths. The newly-launched color matching is bright and the design is unique. The high-grade transfer pencil with the “small fresh” style has attracted the attention of the audience and customers with its unique display. The classic and unique style of the Hongxing series of barrel pencils, which best represent the product characteristics of Hongxing pencil “easy to roll, not easy to break core, lead-free, soft to the touch, smooth writing”, has received great attention and is at the customer. The order ratio is exclusive.


     The exhibition was highly valued by relevant industry personnel, and buyers from all over the country and domestic and foreign professionals were active in all corners of the exhibition. The chairman, secretary-general and member units of the China Pen Association visited Hongxing's exhibition and took the opportunity to share and exchange experiences on current market conditions, customer base and product quality. The association led the Hongxing stationery in the industry. With full recognition of status and achievements, Hongxing has the responsibility and motivation to make greater contributions to the growth and development of the pencil industry!


      China Pen Association visited the site to guide and exchange


     In addition, dealers share the booth design and product display. At the exhibition, the dealer customers who participated in the exhibition had a business negotiation with Hongxing Stationery. A total of more than 80 dealer customers reached a cooperation agreement, and some products were ordered and shipped on the spot, which achieved good results. Everyone said that they hope to continue to jointly develop and maintain the market with Hongxing Stationery.

      Company sales director Yu Yingfa, foreign trade sales manager Ye Huajuan, as well as sales elites Zheng Guangqian, Wang Guohui, Luo Jingang and other people from all over the country followed the exhibition. Together with the enthusiastic participation of the customer service and logistics staff at the headquarters of the company, everyone has a clear division of labor, each of them has their own duties, and at the same time, they have received visiting customers from all over the country. The two sides have a good time to discuss and cooperate with each other.

     On June 15th, Mr. Ye also took the time to come to Shanghai for guidance, asked in detail about the progress of the exhibition, and learned about the feedback from the majority of consumers and dealers. This event was highly recognized. And put forward higher standards for future exhibition work. With the gradual end of the conference, the 110th China Stationery Commodities Fair and China International Pen Stationery Fair also came to an end as scheduled.

     The participation activities enhanced the company's ability to understand the market, enhanced the willingness to further cooperate with customers, and accumulated a good network of contacts for the further promotion of new and old products, attracting a lot of potential customers' attention. At the same time, it has also gained a lot of recognition and praise from the industry. With the continuous enrichment, innovation and maturity of products, and the unremitting pursuit of quality by Hongxing people, the development of Hongxing will enter a new era. All employees of Hongxing will continue to challenge themselves and transcend themselves, facing the whole country and even the world more shocking debut!

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